Troubleshooting Metecho Operations

This section summarizes some common challenges with Metecho operations and how to address them.

CumulusCI Version - Mismatch between Github project & Metecho

If you create a CumulusCI project using a newer CCI version (cci project init) and then try to use Metecho to create a scratch org, you will see an error message similar to the following:

Error reading "This project requires CumulusCI version X or later


To fix this issue you will need to remove the minimum_cumulusci_version line from your project’s cumulusci.yml file. However, please note that if you are using new functionality in the latest version, your project may not work correctly on Metecho until Metecho itself is updated.

Automation on Branches

Metecho runs automation only from the main branch. This ensures that automation changes go through a code review process (enforced by branch protection rules) before those changes are executed.


Make sure you merge automation changes (including changes to org definitions) to the main branch before attempting to use them.